P2E TOO MILER 8/19/ – 8/22

The 2020 P2E Too Miler is behind us. Thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you next year.

Too Miler Instructional Video

Everything You Need To Know

The Running

Run two miles at any point between 8/19 and 1:00 EST on 8/22. If you can, run your race on a 400 meter track (only times run on an official track are eligible for the overall champion prize). If you can’t find a track, map out a two mile course on the street, being sure not to finish at a lower elevation than you started.

Submitting Your Time

Your run must be recorded on a GPS watch/smart phone using Strava. We expect to see 2.0 on everyone’s submission, but if you run on a track and the GPS was slightly off, we’ll understand. Submit your race by “sharing activity” from Strava to p2evirtualrace@gmail.com. Submissions must be received by 1:00 EST on 8/22. Drop us a line if you have any questions.

Run a Full Two Miles

If your running on a track, make sure you start your race at the 2 mile starting line. Note to everyone that didn’t go to high school in Massachusetts: You will start and finish your race at two different points on the track. If you start and finish at the same line, you only ran 3200 meters and will not be eligible for any prizes.

Videos and Photos

Please send us some photos and videos of you during your race. Make us laugh! Impress us with your camera filter skills! Show off your finishing kick! We want to compile content from all of the participants and share it with the entire community. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram or send an email to p2evirtualrace@gmail.com


Registration for a race has never been simpler, and it is technically free. Just buy a tee-shirt. They’ve got the brand new, professionally designed P2E logo. They’ll have you looking great and registered for the Too Miler. When else have you bought a shirt that came with a free registration to a virtual race? Click here to register.


Overall gender winners will win a one-of-a-kind P2E Too Miler Championship Belt. Your friends won’t know if you won a running race or a cage match. If you think you’ll be in contention, please record your entire race so that there is no controversy. Don’t think you can take the overall prize? Don’t worry. We’ll also be doling out awards to age group winners for each gender as well.

The After Party

Race day isn’t over once you submit your time. We’re having a P2E virtual after party over Zoom at 8:30 p.m on Saturday evening, 8/22. We will announce the winners, share photos and videos from the race, talk to a special guest and more. If your interested in attending, please let us know when you submit your race results and we will provide the Zoom login information.

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