Sponsored Athletes

Peaked Too Early is thrilled to be sponsoring a select few Too Crew collegiate cross country runners. These athletes are grinders, perform when the lights are brightest, and appreciate the importance of bender season. We are honored to have them represent our brand.

Matyas Csiki-Fejer

Class of 2022 for Suffolk University – Commonwealth Coast Conference – D3

As a consistent attendee of P2E virtual events, Matyas has been a longtime friend of the program. He truly made his mark though by dominating the field at the in-person showing of the 2021 P2E Irish Clover 5-miler. That race embodied the mindset we appreciate so much: race hard as hell whenever you step on the line (even if you are racing some washed up bums). It may have taken us a long time to figure out how to say his name (Mah – t – us (?)), but it was an easy decision to give him one of our inaugural sponsorships. We’re excited to watch him tear up the Commonwealth Coast Conference this year, and take down plenty of D1 and D2 runners at the big invitationals as well.

Instagram: @matyascsf

Ruby Wyles

Class of 2024 for Tennessee Tech – Ohio Valley Conference – D1

Ruby is bringing some international flavor to the P2E team. The Great Brit is already an ambassador for our sport, with a clear understanding that it takes more than fast times to draw the people in. You’ll find some of her written work at the Oval Magazine, The Harrier, and her own Mind Over Miles blog where she’s doing her part to drum up more interest in the running world. COVID unfortunately delayed her collegiate cross country debut, but she is gearing up to make a big impact this fall. The Tennessee Tech captain has grinded like crazy to put herself in the position she is in now and she is poised to make the Golden Eagles the grittiest team in all of the OVC.

Instagram: @rwyles_xctf

Mitchell Martin

Class of 2023 for East Carolina University – American Athletic Conference – D1

Mitchell is exactly the type of athlete we want sporting the P2E brand. He officially got on our radar when an early morning DM proved that he pulls all-nighters on P2E podcast drop nights. The fact that he has pictures of himself wearing Patriots gear and Tom Brady quotes on his social media doesn’t hurt either. Mitchell has our eyes locked in on the American Athletic Conference this year, where Martin and the Pirates look to take down the Tulsa Hurricane Evil Empire, winners of 7 straight men’s cross country titles. It would be so damn electric if this is the year the Pirates weather the storm (like what I did there?).

Instagram: @mitchellmart4

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