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Trust me, I (Like Most Americans) Will Be Watching the ATL Today, Not The NFC Championship

YES! We are finally here. The American Track League will be on ESPN this afternoon. Real, live track on ESPN. Sure, there are no distance events, but thats okay. I’m a Track guy. I can get into some 60s and some shot put. I can assure you that this afternoon you will find me onContinue reading “Trust me, I (Like Most Americans) Will Be Watching the ATL Today, Not The NFC Championship”

Molly Seidel Unfollows Saucony and follows EVERYTHING Puma?

It was brought to my attention that 2020 Olympic Marathon Qualifier, Molly Seidel, does NOT follow Saucony on Instagram. A strange move for someone who is currently a Saucony sponsored athlete. She also doesn’t have Saucony listed in her bio, where she has 3 other sponsors. Based off of this information, I decided to pullContinue reading “Molly Seidel Unfollows Saucony and follows EVERYTHING Puma?”

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2 thoughts on “P2E Writes a Blog

  1. In response to Richardson and McNeal suspension. They both broke the rules. Richardson smoked Marijuana which she knew was banned and was going to be tested, she knew the rules. McNeal forged paperwork and changed the date on her paperwork, she went into photoshop to change the date of the abortion to try and get her missed test thrown out. They both broke the rules and should be banned.


  2. How are male athletes competing in the 100 meter dash at the Olympics and running 11.42 in the prelims. Several of these athletes have this listed as their personal best. I have seen faster 100 meter times in the slow heat at local high school meets. I would have given up distance running to compete for a random country if I knew I could make the Olympic team there


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