Trust me, I (Like Most Americans) Will Be Watching the ATL Today, Not The NFC Championship

YES! We are finally here. The American Track League will be on ESPN this afternoon. Real, live track on ESPN. Sure, there are no distance events, but thats okay. I’m a Track guy. I can get into some 60s and some shot put. I can assure you that this afternoon you will find me on my couch with a Miller Lite in hand and endless chips and salsa ready to go at 3 pm. 

What perfect planning on ATL’s part too. The worst thing you can do if you are trying to grow a sport is to put your big televised event in a time slot that it is competing with other major sports. Thankfully, Sunday afternoon is a wide open day where track fans can enjoy their sport and other sports fans can get a sample of the magic. 

Listen, I get that the NFC Championship game starts at the EXACT same time as this long awaited TV debut for 2021 Track and Field… but I am really not worried about it. Haven’t you heard? The NFL is a dying sport. You cant touch wide receivers anymore! Quarterbacks can’t take hits like back in the good old days. And remember the kneeling thing? Football is dead. So is it a big deal that the track meet is at the EXACT same time? Nope. 

You will see. The NFL’s ratings are so bad these days that ATL will blow it out of the water. I mean it would be one thing if this game had any real star power, but Brady? Rodgers? Uh, yeah I think I’ll pass. 

Two washed up quarterbacks meet for the first time in a playoff game for a chance to go back to the Super Bowl today at 3:05 pm ET.

Like I said, I’m a track guy. You won’t find me tuning into this silly football game. I don’t care about a 6 time Super Bowl champion going head to head with this years MVP. I couldn’t care less about the talents of ridiculous athletes like Davante Adams and Mike Evans. No sir, I do not want to watch two offenses slug it out and I can assure you I will not care whether or not there are more than 52 total points scored in this game. Nope. It’s High Jump and 300 meters for me.  

I am just happy that we are taking advantage of every opportunity to showcase a guy like Grant Holloway to the world. This guy is electric. It doesn’t take a Track guy (like myself) to appreciate his talent. Anyone would appreciate this guy. That’s why I can not emphasize enough that the strategic move to highlight this man on ESPN on a SUNDAY during the NFL PLAYOFFS is a calculated move even great war generals the likes of Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton couldn’t have plotted. 

All eyes will undoubtably be on rising superstar Grant Holloway this weekend.

Track and Field is playing Chess while the rest of the sports world continues to play checkers, folks. 

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