Molly Seidel Unfollows Saucony and follows EVERYTHING Puma?

It was brought to my attention that 2020 Olympic Marathon Qualifier, Molly Seidel, does NOT follow Saucony on Instagram. A strange move for someone who is currently a Saucony sponsored athlete. She also doesn’t have Saucony listed in her bio, where she has 3 other sponsors. Based off of this information, I decided to pull out my tinfoil hat and do a little digging.

As of Saturday January 2nd Molly Seidel, who goes by the name @bygolly.molly does not follow any major running brands on Instagram.

This is extremely interesting. Currently one of the biggest names in women’s running and she does’t follow any of the major running brands or teams on Instagram? Especially the one she currently runs for?? Even when Tom Brady left New England he unfollowed everything Patriots on Instagram and follows the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his sponsor Under Armour. So what could this mean Molly??

Molly is 26 and is an Olympic qualifier for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Molly is well on her way to being the next big thing in USA Marathoning. I believe based off of this information, Molly might be looking to make a big change going into 2021. What is that change though?

Molly Seidel appears to be joining Puma going into 2021. As shown above Molly follows everything to do with Puma athletics on Instagram. So, if this theory is correct, Saucony you messed up. If you let Molly Seidel walk right now you’re insane. If Molly does sign with Puma, good for them. I can only imagine Puma offered Molly the the kings ransom to get her away from of the most well known running brands around the world to sign with a company that doesn’t have much exposure in that sector. Who knows, time will tell. But, Saucony. Buddy. Pal. If this turns out to be true…. you are ridiculously stupid to lose someone like Molly.  

But the question still does remain…..

Is Puma trying to create the next big distance team? Stay tuned…

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